About Puzzle Crazy Puzzles

Completed Puzzle Sizes

All our quality cardboard puzzles are available in 6 different piece counts which complete to the following sizes:

35/70/96 is 28x19cm

120 is 36 x 48cm

500 is 34x48cm

1000 is 44x68cm 


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We also offer a 300 piece option which is of foam not cardboard construction which we only recommend for specific purposes.

Our most popular selling size for adults is the 120 piece and has proved popular for those with limited vision, the elderly and therapy use.

All Puzzle Crazy Puzzles are made and printed in the UK.

All artists featured in Puzzle Crazy receive a commission for the use of their work.

If you are an Artist who would like their work featured on Puzzle Crazy, please contact orders@puzzlecrazy.co.uk