Cats on the seafront- a 120 piece puzzle

A Beautiful and Fun Illustration of Cats Enjoying a Drink on the Seafront Jigsaw Puzzle Painted by Artist Martine Coppens

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Cats by the seafront- a beautiful cat jigsaw puzzle.

This beautiful jigsaw puzzle features cats by the seafront enjoying a meal together next to a picturesque harbour.

This stunning cat jigsaw puzzle  was designed by artist Martine Coppens for her Marcats series.

This jigsaw puzzle features a fun  colourful whimsical design, the perfect gift for friends and family. These jigsaw puzzles are hand crafted in the uk and are of superior quality. We guarantee that you will not be purchasing a mass produced product.

Key features

A beautifully design cat jigsaw puzzle painted by Martine Coppens

These jigsaw  puzzles are printed by  a sustainability conscious printing  supplier.

A premium British made jigsaw puzzle.

We strongly belive in supporting local businesses. All our jigsaw puzzles are made by a small family based business  in the North of England.

The jigsaw puzzle pieces are high quality and are made by hand, we are fortunate that our jigsaws are not mass produced in a factory. - We guarantee   you will receive a high quality  hand made jigsaw.